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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I have used Zones of Regulation with much success over the past few years. I have used it with students with ADHD, emotional/behavioral issues, and autism spectrum. We have some of the visuals posted throughout our school as well....I have used it more as a small group or 1:1 intervention for my most severe/intense students however I wanted to get into a classroom to co-teach the lessons/skills/strategies this year but my schedule does not allow it.....

It explicitly teaches students: 4 different zones that all emotional/feeling fit into.
Expected and unexpected behaviors
how our behaviors makes others feel and how it affects how they feel about us (others may be uncomfortable around me because I threw my book when I was mad and that was unexpected - if they are uncomfortable around me they might not want to play with me or be my partner) etc
gives them a "toolbox" of strategies that students can try out and pick from so that they have the power to change their zone (if they are frustrated in the yellow zone, I can push on a wall to calm my body down so I am back in the green zone)
teaches kids that emotions and feelings aren't bad - that we all get angry or mad but it is WHAT we do when we are angry/mad/etc
gives kids a common language
correlates VERY well with Inside Out movie so there are a ton of resources out there to tie in the movie and zones curriculum

I am currently using it with my 2nd/3rd grade kiddos....the book and CD are less than $50 I think and the CD includes everything you would want to black and white and color so it can be reproduced as much as needed....

Hope that helps!
good luck!
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