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Hiya all:

1. Thanks for the heads up about New Mexico and the DC area. I have also heard decent things about Virginia.

2. In terms of "cutting ESOL," my state is choosing to reduce state funds, not federal funds. Many ESOL jobs have become part-time gigs, or one teacher is shared among multiple schools. Or they just increase the ESOL class sizes as much as they legally can. Consolidate grades and such.

3. ESOL has become a much more popular area, and unlike SPED, you can just take a certification test. I ran into a Spanish teacher a while back and when I said that I was looking for an ESOL teacher position, she commented that ESOL positions are the MOST competitive positions in her district. Many, many teachers want to go into ESOL now, way more than when I got my degree a couple years ago. Finally, there is also a push in many schools for all of their teachers to have ESOL certification. Thus, when positions DO open up, the school just hires within.

4. I actually got my education degree in what could be called "intermediate" grades. I can teach upper elementary (4,5) and middle school (6,7,8) . The problem is that I'm limited to two certification areas. That rules out nearly all elementary ESOL jobs, since they want early childhood certification too. Yes, according to my certificate, I can teach P-12 ESOL. But they've gotten a lot pickier in recent years with having other certification. For example, Secondary English if you are teaching high school ESOL.

5. It's just a theory but I suspect that the type of people who used to pursue ESOL aimed to teach internationally. However, wages have stagnated while costs of living, inflation, and taxes have all increased around the world. Not to mention, the problems with retirement. I wouldn't be surprised if this is leading ESOL teachers to stay home or return home earlier than planned.

Thanks to everyone who commented.
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