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Thank you for reading my post :)
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My first wondering is: why doesn't your program offer a step by step lesson planning guide? I would think this is a very basic requirement.

Hi ih8,
Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, my professor did not provide us with a lesson plan guide. My cohorts and I have found ourselves just "winging it" and helping each other as much we can- which is minimal because we're all a bit frustrated with this course. We have addressed such concerns on past courses to a Director and at least one Professor will not be invited to return. But we are now again experiencing jam- packed material with minimal assistance from yet another professor.

My partner and I have been busy researching online and learning more through it (sadly).

I will follow your suggestion and once again reach out and ask my Professor specifically for a step by step guide on lesson planning. I can only hope.

This program offers the only way I can afford to obtain my teaching credential; intern teaching possibility and the scheduled courses are student friendly. The experience-so far- is just unfortunate. (story from another class when we asked for assistance for a lesson plan that had to include technology; The Professor said- "Oh, my last class didn't have a problem designing it and they only had two days to complete it, You guys are smart, you'll figure it out, I'll give you three days instead of two." Mind you, none of us had ever produced an LP before and told her that , That was our Final- zero guidance, she ended grading us harshly, she's the one not invited back to teach). I hope my other classes are better taught.

Ok, thank you for offering your assistance, I will PM you if I my professor doesn't provide me with a set of LP guidelines.
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