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Attendance List
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I think it varies...

Most elementary/primary schools around here only turn in attendance for homeroom every day (on computer). My school requires teachers to take attendance each time that they switch classes (3-5 and PE), but they do not have to turn in attendance. Those records are kept in the grade book.

I would either look to see if some form of class list was available in the room, check with the team teachers or go to the office and ask for one--I have done all of these. If all else fails, just make a list of the students that you do have. That way, you have record of who was present during that class period.

I want the class list for fire drills or any other drills. Once last school year, I had to go to the office and ask for a copy of the class list (the teacher left right after school began due to a family emergency and forgot to leave me her list). When the secretary handed it to me, she asked me about why I wanted it. I told her "just in-case of an emergency". An hour later, we had a fire drill. I was glad I went to the office and ask for it.
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