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I just don't understand
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I know it's hard as a parent who wants the best for your child, but please try to put it in perspective. I never really understood the parent argument that they don't want their child's abilities "to go to waste" when they're this young. It's kindergarten. She still has 12 years to grow and develop before she potentially goes to college. Reviewing the letter A won't set her back years. Please also remember that social/emotional growth is equally important in creating well rounded and happy students. She is playing and learning to interact with her peers in the kindergarten classroom. If she's not complaining of boredom and disliking school what is the issue? As a first grade teacher I believe that the best thing children can develop in kindergarten is some early self-confidence and a love for school, along with a good foundation of literacy/math skills. I have many children who begin the year reading above grade level, but if they haven't developed the interpersonal skills or work habits required to perform in my higher level reading group, their fluency doesn't mean much. Your daughter may be "learning the letter A", but so much more is happening in her education as she learns to work in groups, navigate her classroom, make choices, and use the materials. She's building a strong foundation as a learner.
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