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How long do your students have for lunch?
Old 08-23-2017, 07:33 PM
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I'm a retired elem school teacher. My son is a jr in high school. They have what I think is too long for lunch.

The schedule is there are 4 blocks of classes per day, approx 60 min each.
There's block 1, block 2, then break for A/B lunch, then Block 3, and Block 4.

What concerns me is the A/B lunch. The kids have approx 40 minutes, and can eat the first 40 min, or the second 40 min. Which ever they don't choose to use for their lunch time, they can do whatever they want. Literally, whatever they want. There are about 20% of the kids who use their time wisely, in the library, doing class work, volunteering to help in the office, etc. The rest of them just hang out in campus, with little or no supervision.

I would love to know how much time your respective districts allow for lunches. To me, 80 minutes just seems too long. With the info I receive from you, along with research, I'm going to propose to our school board that they change this. I know it would be a big change, but certainly they can do add an enhancement class, language class, etc. Thanks

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