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Spent 30K on Teaching Degree, Now Subbing Again
Old 09-26-2017, 11:02 AM
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After spending $30,000 on a Master's in teaching degree and 10 years pursuing the degree (on and off), I resigned from my teaching position, after only 4 months. Here's why:

1. I had 29 mixed-ability, mostly ELL students and no mentor teacher
2. The classroom's physical condition was a nightmare, and should have been condemned
3. The surmounting responsibilities given to teachers was something that I had never, ever imagined
4. In my first week of teaching, I soon realized that teaching so many students with so many different learning needs and issues is something that is a lot harder than it looks

In retrospect, I'd like to return my teaching degree to the university and get my money back. We can return clothes, furniture, etc...items costing much less than a college education. If I'm never going to teach again and I have no use for a teaching degree, then why can't I return it? Why should I pay thousands of dollars on a loan for a degree that I'll never use?

Has anyone else ever experienced the realization that teaching wasn't the right career choice, after already graduating and taking a position, and then resigning?

I'm now back to substitute teaching, and it is THE MOST freeing and liberating job ever. I was a sub for 16 years before deciding to become a certified teacher. Now, more than ever, I realize that I should remained a substitute teacher. And in fact, I wouldn't wish a severely-oppressive, life-sucking teaching career on my worst enemy.

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