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subbing again
Old 04-03-2018, 03:15 PM
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I did some extremely long vacancies and sped resource jobs this and last year.
I am a long time Guest Teacher, and our district is down teachers and subs.
The long-terms lasted 8 weeks at a time last year.
They also were in the same building with the same 6th graders.
I did staff meetings, PLC's, and Parent Teacher Conferences last year.
This year was a Sped Resource Class with some extremely challenging 7th graders.
I did early morning staff meetings, Conferences, and IEP Conferences.
I was paid for some or most of the extra- coverages.
I feel the long-terms actually allowed me to assess my growth, and self-reflect on Teaching
Teaching definitely is challenging, but you really bond even with your most difficult kids.
I can definitely relate to your post, I think you made a wise decision
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