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Stay Calm
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The first thing I would do is look at the classroom environment. Is it peaceful. I know you mentioned class size. Perhaps you could try partitioning the classroom and dividing it up so that it doesn’t appear to be so large. Classroom size does affect students learning. Another thing is why is the one teacher trying to give one on one lessons? Communication is key and I know it is hard for pre-school teachers to communicate with kids this age so try using visuals. When children know what to expect it’s much easier to be calm and engaged, they aren’t looking to control everything and everyone if they feel like they are in control. Remember that connection is key, you need to spend the time connecting with your students to build trust and a relationship with natural authority before you can expect to be able to get the best behavior out of the students. Try to stay calm. Even if the behavior rattles you, it’s your job to keep control, and the best way to do that is to stay calm. If a child is throwing your classroom into chaos for a minute or two ( it can seem like forever ), it will return to normal much faster if stay calm. Keep parents in the loop. I don’t suggest every time a child is defiant or acts out you call the parents but if you are seeing a pattern make sure you are communicating with the parents. When parents and teachers work together the child benefits. I hope this helps.

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