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Bathroom Use Problems with 1st grade
Old 10-16-2018, 02:58 AM
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My class is having so many problems with the bathroom
This year. They ALL always have to go. Itís not unusual for 5+ kids to walk up to me at once and all say itís an emergency. Itís also not uncommon for another teacher to come back to me and say they were playing in the bathroom. The solution to this seems obvious.

Now on the other hand some of these same kids are having accidents in my classroom. I canít deny them the bathroom when they say they have to go NOW, because they already have a history of accidents. My policy is supposed to be one boy and one girl at a time, but this is where accidents are happening.

Iíve tried reaching out to parents and it hasnít been helpful. The general response has been ďjust let him/her use the bathroomĒ, but then I have admin at my school upset that my kids are regularly caught playing in the bathroom and hallway. There is also no available adult to chaperone my kids to the bathroom outside of our scheduled class bathroom time.

Itís my fourth year in first grade and Iíve never seen this problem like this before.

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