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I agree with if the students are playing around, then take back their time. That is only if they are truly playing around. I won't take their time if they go over a limit. Some kids need a little more time.

If there are multiple needing to go at the same time, then take the whole class, even though it might be an inconvenience. In the long run, it might be better for you that way. I do the same rule--1 boy and 1 girl at a time when in class. But, I will make exceptions.

I agree with MissESL. Try to make mental notes about which ones seem to have to truly go at the same time every day. I have one of my students that needs to poop around 2:00 most days and is not shy about telling me. He is not a behavior problem and I know I can trust him if I have to let another boy out while he is in the bathroom. I also know which ones can't wait even 2 minutes once they ask to go, so they can go whether or not someone is out of the room. And you will get to know if they truly need to go or not.
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