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Emc literacy component 2
Old 01-11-2020, 08:07 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

2. Assessment(s)/Analysis of Student Writing Ability (Suggested length: 2 pages)
This section focuses on your assessment(s) and/or analysis of the selected studentís writing skills and abilities at the outset of the three-week to three-month instructional period.
 What pattern of behaviors (strengths, interests, needs, and preferences) does this student exhibit toward written literacy-related activities? Discuss how you involved the student in responding through writing during these activities (e.g., book reading, discussions, journals, etc.).
 Describe the studentís reading and writing ability at the outset of the three-week to three-month instructional period. What are this studentís specific strengths and weaknesses as a reader and as a writer?
 What assessment(s) did you use to help you determine this studentís reading and writing ability? Assessments could include formative or summative assessments.
 How did you use the information gained about this student from assessment(s) to guide student writing growth and development and to help the student construct meaning through writing?
 How did you ensure fairness, equity, and access for this student? How did you accommodate this studentís individual learning needs and adjust instruction for this individual student? Cite specific examples.

What bullet would you put your data from the assessments?
Also, in the last bullet it asks for how you adjusted instruction. If this section is only about the ability at the outset of the lesson sequence, what instruction am I writing about?

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