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On line expectations
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I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this! That is so hard and I see the frustration that so many of my fellow teachers are dealing with. My sister is a teacher and her district gave them super high expectations with no support at all!

In my district the union sat down and bargained expectations for these weeks. This week our only expectation was to send a quick email to families. Teachers are in virtual PD sessions learning google classroom, See Saw, Google Hangout etc. These PD hours count towards our state requirements. Next week, we are to send a daily message to students. We are then supposed to offer a learning opportunity each day that is review or enrichment. That is it. We are in no way expected to duplicate a school day, grade papers, take attendance etc. This isn't school. Our virtual teachers however, continue just as they always do.

This week we are focused on taking care of ourselves, our families and learning. The third week is our spring break. Our union bargained these expectations for us. I am so grateful for them and I honestly feel sorry for teachers that are experiencing this panic and unrealistic expectations from families and admin. Each family that needs tech is being given an Ipad or Chromebook. Our food service is giving away all of the food that was ordered for hot lunches at multiple locations for any family that wants or needs it. Every single person is getting paid, teachers, paras, bus drivers, food service and even our long term subs. For all of the complaints I sometimes have, I am grateful for my union and our district right now.
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