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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Empowering Writers and Simplify Writing are two great curriculums Iíve used. Both are very structured and laid out for you.

I taught all the kinds of writing you listed. I teach the three basic types, and then the various subtypes:
-personal narrative
-creative narrative (imaginative story)
-nonfiction narrative (biography for example)

-compare contrast
-text based

-literary response

There is a lot of overlap between informational and Opinion.

I taught 3-5 paragraphs as a basic guideline, depending on text type.

Check out the standards as a guide for where to start.

I start by teaching how to differentiate between all three types, like reading three pieces all on the same topic (dogs) and then looking at the difference (narrative: when my dog got lost; informational: all about dogs; opinion: why I should get a dog for a pet)

Then teach the structure for one type and focus on the elements of that type. Look at lots of sample pieces of that type, identify those elements. Then I take them through the writing process, modeling each step as they work on a prompt for that type.
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