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unsure & sad
Old 09-21-2006, 07:47 PM
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I taught one grade for 4 years. Currently in my 5th year as a teacher and I was moved to another grade level. I am in graduate school pursuing a masters degree. At least 2 times a week if not more I am so sad about work! I work late hours (like till 8PM) trying to prepare and feel "just right and ready for the followin day". The kids are great, the curriculum is fine tuned and well written though extremely demanding. I try to leave early and think i am ready but then the following day is hell!! I sob and cry but cannot pinpoint my exact frustration. I have parent support, great grade level partners, and a supportive principal. I just constantly feel unsettled once the school year gets underway. My creativity is zilch and I am always thinking about "things to do or get done" for lessons, bulletin boards, etc.

I guess what my question is, how do I know I am cut out for this job??? Work should be enjoyable however lately I think work is just more work? I feel as though my job is just that work- not a natural thing I am good at and get paid for. Does that make sense?

How many more years do I give it?? When does the daunting weight of the endless lists of things to do subside and become more manageable??? If I leave the profession, gosh what else can I do??? I hate the way I am feeling lately. So sad, any advice???

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