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Sorry to hear it is rough right now
Old 09-22-2006, 03:19 PM
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Did you feel this way at your old grade level? I think you have to keep in mind that you most likely are having to create new units of study and it is like your first year again minus classroom management- and even that may be different. I think you should do everything you can to lighten your load

1. Talk with your grade level if you have not. I know that we give our new teammates all our units of study that we have written so they are not stressed.

2. Don't worry about the little things like bulletin boards. The #1 priorty is being ready to teach

3. If you have great parent support use it! Get them to do the bulletin boards, copying, cutting, and anything else they can!

4. Choose one or two things to focus on

This is my 5th year also but I had to let go last year becuase I had a baby. My teammates and I plan together weekly and get our plans done in about 45 minutes. We then share the workload of copying, writting lessons, making "things" we need. I actually think I am a better teacher now because I have let go some. I come home and spend time with my family and I am refreshed the next day. I do spend a few hours on the weekend (during naptime) getting my RW and WW focus lessons typed up. Also I do not know a teacher who ever feels "settled" MY team is two teachers who have been teach for 15+ years, myself and a 3rd year teacher...we all feel unsettled. That is the way it is I least when teaching 2nd grade is my experience!

Good luck,

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