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3rd One's A Charm?
Old 08-13-2019, 01:59 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #21

I am in the second year of my 3rd retirement from teaching. It was very hard not to be filled with trepidation, make that joyful anticipation at the start of a new school year. So I ended up retiring a couple of times.
If you are like me, it was never a rat race unless the class pet rat got out of its cage.
I once received a bag of ladybugs for a Kinder spring insect unit. Not thinking, I cut open the bag over the class sink. Yup! 400 million ladybugs flying around in the classroom. Kids thought it was the best thing to happen all year. We spent a good part of the next few days in rescue mission mode.
If you have great memories, maybe it would be good to put them into a sharable format. You could create a powerpoint. Maybe use it as a welcome back to teachers during orientation. You'd still be teaching...teaching teachers how valuable are the memories they are collecting now.
After some health related detours, I am considering volunteering: in classroom, for read-alouds at public library, or maybe private tutoring. Maybe something like that would interest you?
Don't try to "get over" missing the classroom. We need all those who want to be there. It might just mean being there in a way you haven't previously considered.
For the sake of transparency, I should confess to occasionally "teaching" my 4 year old grandson. I kinda have to sneak it in under the radar-you know, call it a game.
All the best
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