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Sick and Tired
Old 10-28-2019, 12:31 PM
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Yes, I know, here comes another threat about how sick and tired a teacher is...

I do not really come on here too often but I feel like today is the time I do.
The kids were off the wall today - it truly looked like, sounded like and smelled like the real zoo. At one point I just stood there in disbelief as I was speechless. Frankly speaking, I just gave up, I did not care anymore. I was done and ready to just walk out the door. Here is the thing: my class is usually well-behaved. Which is why witnessing the mayhem today was that much difficult.
Honestly, today was just yet another day that gives me that nudge in my behind.

I have been thinking of leaving teaching for a while now. People keep telling me try this and then try that before you quit. I did high school, then tried elementary, then tried adult education on a college level, and now I am back at elementary. No, I do not suck at teaching. I am actually doing fine. In fact, this year along I have had 5 people from the state visit my classroom. As a result, my classroom has been chosen as a showcase classroom. I now have new teachers come in once a week, and I mentor two teachers as well. I constantly get compliments about how my classroom runs smoothly, how I am "methodical" about my teaching and classroom management. My kids perform higher than all other 4 grade students combined.

Yet I am not happy with teaching. I feel like I would rather do something else. I am just sick and tired of spending my weekends lesson planning, grading and such. Then on top of that I have to spend my week nights to do more.

What annoys me the most is getting those e-mails from other teachers over the weekend saying they hope I am having a good weekend.

In any case, I feel like I am rumbling at this point. No response needed, unless you really want to reply.

I have been looking into HR field so hopefully something pops up. Thanks for reading and being patient with me!

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