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Lack of foundational skills/behaviors
Old 12-28-2019, 03:36 PM
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I've started the process of looking for jobs/careers outside of teaching. Even though I love learning and went into teaching with the hopes of passing that on to my students, there are too many things that get in the way of being able to do that successfully.

One of the things that is bugging me, especially this year, is the lack of foundational skills and expectations for students (ie expected behaviors from home/school):

I've been teaching 6th, 7th, or 8th grade for the last 7 years, and not one of those years have I had a group of students (outside of a handful of students) that has been taught note taking skills. I remember being taught how to do outlines in 5th grade; but now we have students that get to 8th grade that can't take notes without going to the extremes of either writing down everything off the board or being given fill-in-the blank notes.

I remember being expected to take responsibility for my own learning, to write down important dates or things we needed to know (like what my homework was or when a test would be), but my current admin is constantly talking about how adolescent brains aren't capable of things like that. We have to write things on the board, remind the students every day, email/phone parents, and then when the students forget the homework or bomb the test, the teacher has to jump through hoops to make sure they make up the work or get to retake the test.

And what about basic respect towards adults? I wouldn't have dreamed of talking back to any of my teachers, even those I didn't like; our roles and expectations were clear - I was the student and they were my teacher/elder and I was to be respectful of them regardless of my personal opinions about them or the class. But now having students point-blank refuse to comply with directions/rules is the norm rather than the exception.

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