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The chickens are coming home to roost
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Similar to another thread on this board: in my state, it’s literally almost illegal to do anything other than reward kids for everything and anything they do. Obviously, kids think that if they’re going to be rewarded no matter what, even if they’re acting out (which, let’s be real, is the most immediately gratifying), then that’s what they’re going to do more often than not, especially when they’re encouraged to indulge their most base impulses. It’s human nature. Not surprisingly, I’ve seen kids’ behavior continually getting worse over the years since this has been the zeitgeist.

This system isn’t producing people who are going to be worthwhile in the real world when other people’s money is at stake. But what do I know when “science” says otherwise? I’m just a lowly high school teacher. I’m sure the people with education-specific graduate degrees in social “sciences” know something I don’t.

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