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Clip to ScrapBook #8

Our child & youth counsellor came up with a checklist for our calm-down space. It was laminated with a dry-erase marker so the students did each step and checked it off. It gave them a sense of accomplishment and a focus. For the students she worked with (which were the ones that usually needed to go there), they practiced the strategies with her, and with me, and as a school we were encouraged to help them use them on the yard. I'm just remembering this list, but it was something like this...

1. 5 deep breaths
2. 5 star hands (squeeze to fists, stretch to stars)
3. 5 deep breaths with shoulder shrugs
4. 5 squeezes (stress ball)
5. 5 deep breaths with head from side to side
6. curl and count to 5 (kneel on the floor, then bend over so belly is on legs and head is down)
7. sit tall for 5 last deep breaths
8. return to class (carpet, desk or activity) ready to learn
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