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I entered wrong grade now kid hates me
Old 12-07-2018, 03:00 AM
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HI all,
I entered one incorrect grade for third grade boy. He has emotional difficulties prior to this. Prior to this we had a great teacher-student relationship. Now he looks at me with such hatred during class. He blurts out if I say something wrong or make the tiniest mistake. I feel like I am being bullied by an 8 year old. He has a history in the school of flipping desks and having major anger outburst so he has improved somewhat. I am meeting with mom next week (and school counselor, learning coordinator and the child.) Do you have any ideas until then? The hateful looks and mean blurt outs are hard to take. MOst times I tell myself he is a sweet child who has emotional difficulties so this totally may be beyond his control. But at times it catches me off guard and it messes with me. Makes it difficult for me to stay focused. I am new at this school and learning lots of new procedures. I get rattled sometimes.
Thanks everyone.

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