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Are you the only sped teacher in the building? If not, your best resource is going to be the other sped teachers.

If you are the only one, seek out other services providers such as the SLP and school psych. You may also ask for contact information for a sped teacher from another school in the district. Many of the elementary schools in my area only have one sped teacher and I have mentored teachers from other schools.

I don't know about writing the IEPs. Do you have any training or school experience of any kind? If not, the IEPs certainly wouldn't be my first concern! You're going to need to figure out what you're going to do with the kids! Are you in the process of getting some sort of training or is it expected that it will all be "on the job?"

I would expect that your orientation will be very general and would have nothing to do with your specific job. However, unless this is a huge district, I would expect there aren't many (or many any) other people starting at this point in the year. If it's just HR at the orientation, I'd hold your questions as they won't really know the answers. If it's your principal or sped director, feel free to ask more specifics.

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