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Hello ElemSped13!

Thank you for this helpful information. I appreciate it.

From what I understand about the position, I will be working with a mentor team (group of teachers, I think) who are going to help me as a first year teacher. From the interview to the job description, it sounds like I am going to write the IEPs. But I also understand that I don't think I'm able to since I'm not certified yet, correct?

This position is for 6th grade inclusion. I forgot about students changing classes since it's middle school, so I will be going into various classrooms. I really hope I receive my schedule right away, so I can review it and become familiar with the routine. I also hope I will have time to review students IEPs as well.

I will definitely plan the first day or two going over expectations and getting to know the routines and students. Do you think it's acceptable (or will be worthwhile) to give interest surveys to special ed students? I'm not sure if they have difficulties with reading or writing. I suppose I could help them with that and see what responses I would receive. *Creative* things like interest surveys are one of my biggest concerns. I understand students need to learn concepts with hopes of meeting their IEP goals by the end of the school year, but as a first year teacher, I don't feel creative (yet) and am unsure of specific things to do such as interest surveys.

*Crossing my fingers for a long, long time hoping this goes well!
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