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There should be an electronic record of the student's attendance. Like the others said, we don't mention this in IEPs unless the absences are significant and it's impacting the student's performance.

In my district, we have to keep a service log. When I first started, you could just have your schedule on a word doc and copy/paste it each day. For example, I'd right 9:00-9:30- 1st grade reading- and then the names of the students I saw in that block. It was a small annoyance but not a huge deal.

Several years ago, my sped director decided we needed to keep service logs for each individual student using our IEP program. Now I have to go into their name, go into the service log, and type/click a bunch of stuff for each student every day. It takes a long time to do and I hate it!

The most annoying part is I KNOW no one ever looks at it. I'm just too much of a rule follower to blow it off and I'm too nervous that one day there will be a lawsuit or something and I don't want to not have the documentation then!
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