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Hi and welcome to special ed

I am a high school special education co-teacher (slightly different than inclusion in my state) and I can only tell you what I know from my experience.

To answer your first concern
but I'm assuming I will enter each class period for students and help out those on my caseload.
This is generally determined by the requirement of minutes on the IEP. If you are only needed for 20 minutes and have to move on, then that would be what you do. In my building, I co-teach each period and stay there the whole time (unless a student has major issues). I provide the specially designed instruction during that time to meet the IEP minutes. While I may be in there for 60 minutes, I might have some students that need me the whole time or for just 20 minutes of the time. Depends on the student. You may want to ask how it works best in your building for the students.

Do you guys think I will have my own classroom/office area although I will be teaching inclusion?
I hope you do as you will be doing a lot of paperwork and it is all confidential. You will need a place to secure the IEPs you are working on. Again, ask your building where your space will be. You would have a classroom if you are in charge of doing pull-out resource, but generally inclusion teachers have an office area.

I'm guessing I would need to assess students toward the end of the school year to determine whether or not their IEP goals were met?
You should be monitoring the students all the time. In our area, I will use classroom based work and assessments for my progress monitoring. I don't make this an event or extra work for the kids. Use what is already being done. You can't wait until the very end of the year to do it all, it gets stressful. Look at the goals. They should tell you what to monitor and how often you need to collect data.

As for other tips and such, take care of yourself. You aren't any good for the students if you aren't taking care of your needs as well. Stay on top of your paperwork. You don't want to be buried under a huge pile of it on the last day of school. If you are team teaching and have common time with the teacher, covet that!! Don't let anyone steal your time from common planning. It's important to you guys as a team and to the kids. Make the time worth it.

Hopefully I helped you in some way
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