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Hello teabreak,

Cute username by the way. Your responses were definitely very helpful. Ahhh, yes. I forgot about the required amount of minutes listed on the IEP. That makes sense. I really hope I will have some type of office setting. I'm sure I will since I need to work on IEPs (and keep them confidential) and most likely test students at the end of the year.

I was hired a few weeks ago and have been waiting for HR to submit the needed paperwork and will finally attend orientation this week. While waiting, I have been preparing as best as I can - reading through various blogs and websites looking for helpful tips and asking questions here on proteacher. I will definitely keep your response in mind and will make sure to take care of myself as well. You have a good point. I'm going to try my best to stay on top of the paperwork. I'm taking over this position for a teacher who had to move during the year. I assume the students have had subs for quite sometime, but since this is an inclusion position, maybe they have remained in their general ed class, but haven't received the extra help they need since a special ed teacher has not been available. I don't have too many details relating to the previous teacher of this position, but I'm sure I'll find out very soon.

Right now, I'm mostly worried about 'jumping' right into things and not having much time to review IEPs (to find out about main goals) and familiarize myself with students. I will have to do all of this while also providing inclusion instruction and keeping up with paperwork. I'm hoping IEPs aren't 'expired' or due right away either.

I'm going to keep my head up and stay positive and really hope this goes well!

Thanks again for your helpful thoughts. I appreciate it.
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