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I would ask for contact information for your teammates so you can ask your specific questions. Don't bombard them, but you can ask about seeing the IEPs and anything that would be helpful to prepare ahead of time.

I honestly wouldn't get your hopes up about having your own classroom space for an inclusion position. Hopefully you'll have an office, but in the vast majority of inclusion set ups I've seen, this would be a shared space with other service providers, unless the school just happened to have extra space. In some buildings I've also seen where you might have a desk in one of the gen ed rooms you'll be working in. My dad is also a sped teacher and he told me when I was first starting out to be thankful if I was given a space to hang my coat!

We had a new building built this year and the district and architects did NOT want to build a space for sped or other services (EL, title, etc.) because they wanted to set it up for an inclusion model. First of all, I do all pull out. Second of all, even if that weren't the case, they simply did not understand the need for a space to do paperwork, make phone calls, do testing, etc. They wanted to give me a little filing cabinet thing on wheels that I would push around and attach to "any free desk" during my planning periods .

I ended up getting a small room to myself, but only after throwing SEVERAL fits and getting the union involved. If I ever find myself in the position of interviewing for new positions again, one of my first questions for the school team would be what kind of classroom space I'd have.

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