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Math instruction in mild/mod setting questions
Old 02-26-2019, 07:23 PM
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What skills do you mostly focus on for your students? We used to have a program called Math-U-See that was really focused on computation. I liked it because it made the kids practice the skills over and over again and they really learned them. I dropped it when new P came in and was basically super anti that (in favor of more problem solving skills).

Last year I started using the Bridges intervention kit because it was the only other thing available to me, and it was at least aligned to classroom instruction. However, it is tier 2. I've modified somewhat for my needs, and some of my kids have done well with it (we don't provide a ton of math intervention pre-referral, so a lot of them honestly probably don't have legitimate math disabilities) but I often find myself wondering if I'm really focusing on the right things for my kids.

For example, my 2nd graders are currently working on a "think ten" strategy. It's all about teaching them to turn the problem into a ten fact rather than just solving it. For example, if the problem is 7+4, they're supposed to mentally turn that into 10+1 and then know the answer is 11 right away. Previously I would have taught kids to get the 7 in their brain and count up 4.

I mean, I guess I get it and I know mental math is a standard, but I would have never thought to solve that problem that way before I taught this, and it's certainly still not as quick as just knowing your facts! Is being able to do something like this more useful for more advanced math down the road? Bridges is FULL of stuff like this and I'm just not sure how much it is worth teaching kids these strategies vs. just making sure they have one strategy that works every time for them. The latter always made more sense to me for kids with disabilities, but it's not like I have research to back that up for anything.

Reading is far more my area of expertise. I'm just curious as to what others do. If anyone does know of a really good tier 3 math program, I'd be thrilled to hear about that as well. I asked my P and she seemed somewhat open to buying me something, but she wasn't really familiar with any programs either. I've done some googling and not come up with much. I teach K-3 mild/moderate.

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