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Tracy IDSE

Tracy IDSE
Students with IEPs
Old 02-28-2019, 08:52 AM
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So it sounds like you are describing students who can attend reg. education classes but have a IEP to address learning disabilities. Most students with learning disabilities at high school level will have at least one class period with a special education teacher to work on concepts like study skills, basic math, vocational, and really most basic academic skills. Yes, some cannot really write or read very well, but still have an opportunity to graduate with a diploma, they are just on a different path (not necessarily college prep). It can be tricky being in special education and seeing them move on when you know they are really not ready. There are still strides to be made in this field, however inclusion is a major idea/theme in our modern day education. Inclusion is great but bridging the gap can be difficult.

I can say that being special education teacher for ID severe students (students with significant cognitive impairments) it is really hard in high school. I really get annoyed wondering what my students are working for when my community has no day program for my students. However, I do try to have my students be immersed in the general population as much as possible.

Main thing to remember, that I have seen in other replies, is that the IEP TEAM DETERMINES APPROPRIATE goals for the individual. Some parents want more than what is realistic and that is why you have to have the data to prove how their want is not realistic/ achievable. You can only do so much to help each student, so just determine the most valuable concepts you believe each individual needs to continue to next grade level.

Question to others: What kind of technology do you use with your students with significant cognitive disabilities? Is there another subscription type website, besides News2you, that has curriculum for students in self contained EC classes?????????????????????

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