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Please, please donít judge me
Old 03-01-2019, 07:43 AM
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please, Iím begging you all. Iím a regular poster, but logged in as a guest for anonymity.

I canít handle this. I want out, and itís because of one student. The rest of my kids are mild/moderate. This student is severe, non verbal autistic. I love her, I truly do. Most of the time, sheís a sweetheart. But sheís very high needs, and Iím not equipped to emotionally deal with her for the next three years until she moves to a new building. She has an aide, and we split the day with her because sheís that exhausting. My aide more than likely will not return next year because of how high needs she is.

I know when I tell my principal this, Iíll get a verbal smiting, saying I knew what I was getting into when I took the position because I knew this kiddo was coming to my building eventually. And, I agree 100%, but I had no clue how severe she was. Iím pretty sure she wonít let me move to another position, even if there was an opening, because sheíll view kids like her ďas part of the job.Ē Again, I agree with this. But, three more years with this kiddo makes me want to cry.

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