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Hello Tracy IDSE,

Thank you for this information. It is very helpful and I'm sure I will refer back to it frequently. I had forgotten about rules and regulations varying from state to state. These are the little things that I need to remember - especially when completing IEPs and making sure they are completed and submitted on time.

Once an IEP is completed by each team member (special ed teacher, SLP (if applicable), psychologist, OT, and others), is the special ed teacher responsible for submitting the IEP? Where or who does it get submitted to, the principal or someone else within the school/district? Is the special ed teacher also responsible for formulating the meeting dates/times and making sure everyone attends?

Also, I will be taking over an inclusion position. I'm not sure if the students have had subs coming into their general ed classroom daily or if they only have had subs a few days out of the week. I'm not familiar with this position and how special ed students received help in their general ed classroom. If they have had a sub for awhile, I understand subs cannot make any changes, add new information, or deal with IEPs at all as they are not qualified. What do I do about completing the IEP for the end of the year when I wasn't present for the past few months when subs were filling in? I also thought about expired IEPs. Taking over a position toward the end of the school year will be fun, but challenging. I'm hoping IEPs are not overdue, or expired.

In response to your question: I'm assuming the district will have meeting minutes. Don't these need to be turned in with the IEP at the end of the year? I will find out more details once I start the position. I'm also assuming they use a specific IEP software program now that they are completed digitally. I'm not sure which program it is.

Ahhhhh. All of these considerations. And this is just relating to IEPs. Give me suggestions, help, tips, and sympathy. Let me know my first day on Monday will go well!
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