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I can understand where you're coming from. I did ESY for one summer with severe needs and it's absolutely not for me either. I found the position to be tedious/boring. Is there a reason she's with you and not in a severe needs program? Is it because of her good behavior? Is there no way that you can recommend she moved to a more appropriate placement based on academic needs?

If you're really miserable, you can always look into transferring or getting a job elsewhere, but I would keep in mind that this is only an hour of your day. I've had some really challenging kids in my position that I didn't really enjoy working with (I had an extremely violent kid earlier this year who I was literally afraid of). While you'd get away from this particular need, you might have students with similar or equally challenging needs elsewhere.

You might also see if there is any way to split up more of the time with her- are there other aides in the building that could help? Are you allowed to get creative with scheduling at all, such as having your para cover something like a recess duty while a gen ed para works with your student? We've done that at my school when personalities just didn't mesh.

Under ESSA, interventionists and other gen ed staff can also cover IEP minutes. Is there someone like an interventionist who might be willing to spend 30 minutes (or even 15-20 minutes) per day with her? If her behavior is good, they might welcome a small break to work with a kid 1:1 rather than dealing with difficult behaviors in some groups.

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