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Follow up math question- specific student
Old 03-01-2019, 07:14 PM
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I have a 3rd grader who I've been working with for 2 years now who still cannot do very basic things like subitize or "make 5," "make 10", etc. She has learned her numbers 1-100 and can count or write a sequence starting from any number, but this is something she's just memorized at this point.

She's made significant improvements in her reading fluency and accuracy, but again, I've noticed as of late she doesn't use the phonics skills I've been teaching her- she's a whole word reader, again speaking to memorization.

At what point do you decide someone is simply not going to learn to subitize or mentally make groups of numbers? I don't want to "give up" on her, but it's been two years, and she's shown me she CAN memorize things. At this point it seems to me to make more sense to focus on teaching facts and telling her ONE way to solve computation problems (traditional algorithm) and have her practice just that one way over and over again until she can do it.

However, my P is SUPER anti everything I just mentioned. She doesn't want kids learning their facts or traditional algorithms and wants everything to be about higher level thinking and problem solving. She's read some research about how kids who can't do these problem solving/higher level things aren't successful in life (yes, major paraphrasing there ) and now she's kind of obsessed with it.

How do I get P to let me do this? I can't just "shut my door and teach" because we have walkthroughs and we do everything in intervention blocks, so we're constantly having to meet and talk about what we're doing in our groups as a data team. She might see my way if this girl had a cognitive disability, but she doesn't- just LD.

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