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That does seem very short. I believe ours is about 5 weeks, but it's a shortened day and a shortened week for the kids. It's something like MWF for secondary kids and T/TH for elementary kids, so the same kids aren't going every day. It's also only 4 hours per day.

They have a hard time hiring for ESY in my district. The SSN (significant support needs) teachers want a break, so they don't want to do it, and the rest of us either don't feel qualified or don't want to work with that population.

I naively signed up for ESY after my first year of teaching and my students only had goals like "show attention with an eye gaze for 5 seconds" or "tolerate a sitting position for 3 minutes." I probably sound like an idiot, but I truly had no idea what to do with them all day. It's not like we were sitting down for a math lesson, reading lesson, etc. I'll never do it again, even though I'd love the extra money.

Usually my sped director sends out about 6 emails begging someone to do it and someone caves. Some years people job share the position. I'm in a tiny district, so it's just one teacher and some paras for the entire district.
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