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Hello ElemSped13,

Thanks for asking about my position....

It's going pretty well, so far. Sometimes it's tough since I started the position toward the end of the school year. The previous sped teacher left two months after the school year started and she left a complete mess in the classroom. The poor students, who are having difficulty focusing and learning as it is, have had many different subs for the past few months. I tore down the previous teacher's bulletin board paper and decorations since they were falling apart and kinda ugly, so now I have bare bulletin boards. I need to decorate them and add some borders, but I have to find the time. I do have a planning period, but as a new hire, I have had to complete online modules and trying to set up all of my accounts/log in information. I'm also not very creative and have absolutely no idea what to put on the bulletin boards, but I do need to decorate them somehow.

I'm a new sped teacher for 6th grade and don't really need to worry about my IEPs for now. The 7th and 8th grade sped teachers have taken over my IEPs and have been coordinating the meetings. When future meetings come up before the end of the school year, I will make sure to attend, but I don't have to worry about writing them or making sure they are complete for the end of the school year.

I would say the hardest thing right now is still not really familiar with all of the students reading/writing levels. They come to my classroom for Language Arts resource, so I'm having to create lesson plans and activities without really knowing their levels. I wrote a few random questions on the board last week for them to copy down and answer and that was difficult enough. I read through their responses. Their penmanship, spelling, and sentence structure is terrible, so we can really work on that for now. I want to have them read a little too, but I don't know about their reading abilities. The testing coordinator on the school campus wants to retest the students for more current scores, but she hasn't done that yet, so I'm creating lesson plans around that. It's also tough being a first year teacher and not really having experience with lesson planning or knowing what to teach.

My mentor will be visiting the campus very soon to help me out. I'm hoping that will really make a difference.
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