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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I currently use Bridges Intervention and have been complaining about it because it's Tier 2. It doesn't work for the kids that have true math disabilities. It's all about finding these super convoluted ways to solve problems mentally (i.e. for something as simple as 7 + 6, the students are supposed to take 3 from 6, add the 3 to the 7 to make it 10, and then add 10+3 mentally to get the answer 13). IMO it makes so much more sense for kids with math disabilities to just learn the traditional algorithms and practice ONE way over and over again until they can do it.

My P mentioned Number Worlds to me because it's the only actual sped math curriculum she knows of. She said it was used in her previous school and she didn't like it but "it might have been the implementation" . She asked for a sample from the company, but I haven't gotten it yet.

I previously used Math-U-See. I liked it because kids learned the skills. Like I said above, it basically taught them traditional algorithms and made them practice over and over again. Kids had huge workbooks they worked through. On first glance I thought it would be incredibly boring and was resistant to try it. Then the kids kept asking me when they'd be getting their math books out (they were familiar with them from the previous sped teacher). I found that they really enjoyed it because they were successful with it.

I dropped it in favor of Bridges when new P came along and was super anti fact memorization and traditional algorithm. I know the gen ed curriculum has moved away from that stuff, but at least in the past my kids could do some math! Now my most impacted kids have been with me for 1-2 years and still can't do simple addition or subtraction. With parents who are involved and willing to do some work at home, I try to sneak this in by sending one of the math-u-see workbooks home for them to work through as homework.
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