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I don't do these accommodations, except for state testing. I have four grade levels and 12 gen ed classrooms, so if I did small group/test read aloud for every test that's all I'd ever do. My only experience with this is back in my student teaching (different state where one sped teacher per grade level was common).

All of the teachers I worked with allowed gen ed students to come to the small group testing if they wanted. I think part of the idea was that it reduced stigma for the students with IEPs who had to go. Before tests, they'd simply ask students who wanted to have the assessment read aloud to raise their hands.

The only issue I could see with it is if the gen ed students won't be allowed to have the same accommodations for district or state testing. I don't see the small group thing making a big difference, but the test read aloud thing could be a big deal if they're used to getting it and then suddenly don't have it for a big test.

Here, any student can get accommodations for state testing as long as the gen ed teacher documents that they're regularly used and needed, so that wouldn't be a factor. My state has actually now said that test read aloud for math isn't even an accommodation- it's an "accessibility feature" that any student can have, and no student, IEP or not, can have any part of the reading assessment read aloud.
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