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Resource involvement in conferences
Old 03-16-2019, 01:31 PM
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What is your involvement in parent/teacher conferences? In my first school, classroom teachers seemed to want me to mostly run the conference for my kids. I scheduled with them so there would be no conflicts and I could attend the entire conference for each of my students. When I was a classroom teacher, I understood that because the kids with IEPs had such poor grades on grade level assessments (we don't modify here) and I wanted the sped teacher to give some positives about IEP goals.

At my current school, I almost feel more like I'm in the way! Other service providers/my teammates will typically say things like "It's the classroom teacher's show." We ask the classroom teachers to give us their schedules- they're not published anywhere, so no other way to get them. A few teachers send them along right away and for many others it's like pulling teeth.

My teammates say just not to bother if the classroom teacher doesn't give the information. Obviously if they wanted support they'd give the times. However, I worry that looks bad to parents. We say in every IEP meeting, "We'll check in with you at conferences."

I try to just pop in, explain the IEP progress report, and ask the parents if they have any questions about the child's IEP. I have so many scheduled at the same time now that I can't stay the whole time even if someone wanted me to.

What does it look like at your school?

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