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It used to be more clear cut. Now it's tricky because we provide SO much intervention to every gen ed student. Unless there's a significant attendance issue or something, it's really never the case that interventions haven't been tried even if the student is not "going through MTSS." I would bet money that our gen ed kids get more intervention than students actually in sped in any other school/district in the area.

We meet as a data team every 6 weeks. This includes me as the sped teacher, gen ed teachers for that grade level, instructional coach, and the intervention teachers. We look at student data and rearrange intervention groups as necessary. We talk about any kids that aren't progressing as expected and the instructional coach puts them on a list.

At the end of the day, she looks at the data/information to decide which students have the most pressing needs (since most of the time, each grade level has submitted student names). Then she schedules the students for an MTSS meeting.

This year the MTSS team decided that the first meeting will not include parents as the gen ed teachers were more comfortable with this. We as a sped team pointed out that makes the referral process slower, if that ends up being the route we take. We don't feel like we can say nothing to the parent and then have them come to a meeting (the 2nd MTSS meeting) and say, "Okay, we've decided to test your kid for special ed." Now, except in extreme circumstances, referrals don't really happen until the 3rd MTSS meeting.

We have a document that teachers fill out and I take notes on it during the meeting. We suggest new interventions and set a SMART goal. There are no clear cut "rules" for when a child is referred. As a very structured person, yes this bothers me. It's just a "team decision" based on the child's data and progress.

We tend to rely heavily on things like DIBELS because it's normed and includes percentiles. In my state, to qualify LD a student has to be 12th percentile or lower, so I don't suggest referral if their progress monitoring data isn't there. Of course classroom teachers have a really hard time understanding the difference between that 12th percentile level and a kid who is just below grade level (grade level target is 40th percentile).

The state requires 6 data points "below the line" (trend line for progress) as well for SLD. At my school, kids are progress monitored weekly, so everyone already has this. It's harder for math because we don't have normed assessments like that.
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