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Do you have access to a printer?
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Websites can help you by providing premade worksheets for any level.

For math, I start with If you click on topics from the left hand blue column, you can choose your parameters and just click. Hit the refresh button on your computer's browser bar and another worksheet with the same parameters will pop up with different problems.

So for the math example you gave above:
Choose multiplication. Choose Multiplication Worksheets.

It will then ask you basic questions including what numbers in each case, how many problems you want and then if you want an answer sheet to print.

Again, click Refresh in the Browser bar and a new worksheet will appear.

I do a variety of worksheets each week based on their academic level, the goals and their patience. One or two are OLD review, one what we just work on and maybe a new concept or the next level harder using a present concept.

For reading/ELA, does the same thing. Sign up for your own login and you can print passages or assign them digitally for use with tablets, Chromebooks or computers. You can specify subject area, fiction or NF, reading level by grade or lexile, and more.

You can start there. There are others too but no need to overwhelm. You may even find whole workbooks or even the books to go with your Gen Ed textbooks.
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