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Sounds like you are doing great and getting settled in! Do you have state testing coming up? What do the IEP goals say?

Any work you can do to review skills before testing would be great. I'm not sure how different states are but here's the focus in ours.

I teach the same subjects and grade level, co-teaching.

You should have kids who can use calculators on the tests. Teach them how to do different calculations, what to enter, fractions and decimals, exponents etc

Tips- If they see a comma, don't substitute a period! A number and a letter need to be multiplied, not combined. Put the whole number in, I had one kid who added multi-digit numbers by column like you would manually. Kids make mistakes and are creative in ways I couldn't even dream of!

If they get multiplication charts or formulas, make sure they know how to use them.

Skills this year- fractions, percents, decimals, expressions, order of operations, variables, exponents, coordinate grids, GCF, LCM, prime factors, area, perimeter, graphs, etc.

Reading-main idea and details, inferences, theme, context clues, text features, summarizing, and figurative language are all good to hit as much as you can. Synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc.

If you have specific lessons you want to teach, we could probably forward more websites and ideas.
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