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We actually do have state testing coming up in two weeks! The testing schedule was created with teacher assignments before I was hired, so I don't have an assignment during testing. I'm not sure if I will be helping out in a specific classroom and making sure students are testing correctly or what I will be doing. I'll have to find out...

I finally received access to the system with students IEPs. The math goals vary, of course, relating to the math concept(s) each student is having difficulty with. Of course I want to reinforce concepts and help students with what they're struggling with, but it's difficult when each student is at a different level on a different topic. I will definitely consider the information you included about math topics.

Another thing I'm confused about is what to teach/reinforce next. I just started the position, so I'm not sure what they have been learning in their regular math classes from the beginning of the year until now. I'm not sure if I need to reinforce those concepts, continue with what were working on now, or move on to something new.

Reading is also difficult since students have different reading levels. I will review your suggestions for reading as well and hopefully come up with new ideas and lesson plans soon.

I am currently teaching with an intern teaching certificate and will start a program at the end of May (No, no more school. No more!! Ahh!) to obtain my teaching certificate. I'm sure I will learn plenty of information that I can use while teaching - lesson plans, classroom management, and more. For now, until I start the program, while teaching, I'm going to have to do what I can.

Wish me more luck....
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