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Random questions about special education
Old 03-23-2019, 08:57 PM
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I just started a sped position and haven't attended any meetings yet to become more comfortable with the process and procedures. I have some upcoming IEP meetings and would like to be as prepared as possible. Does the IEP need to be completed before the meeting, or should I take notes and use those to complete the IEP afterward? I will double check with the other sped teachers at my school as well. Also, I'm guessing it's best to bring paper (or notebook, so it's more organized) to the meetings, so I can take notes?

Is the sped teacher normally the one who keeps the signature attendance log and submits it with the IEP or does it depend on those attending? In my student's IEPs, it mentions the names and positions of those who attended, but no signature is included. Are signatures required or just a list of names that can be added to the IEP?

I'm hopefully going to meet with my mentor again, so I can ask a million questions about lesson planning, teaching, and IEPs/meetings, but I figured I would ask here too. Is there ANY other information I should remember or keep in mind during/after IEP meetings? Anything I need to make sure to take notes on that must be included in the IEP? Any helpful tips or suggestions? Thanks for the help!

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