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Most of it depends on the school
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but most likely everything will be filled out as a Draft copy before the meeting. You should make your notes directly on the draft. Your school may require you to turn that Draft copy in as well. (You can keep your own copy of it though.) The meeting is a collaboration though so there may be changes in the Draft.

Mark any changes or errors you find as you go. After the meeting, you enter the changes, fix the errors and add any parent concerns mentioned.

In my district, I keep the attendance signature page and turn it with the Draft after the IEP is all completed and correct and ready to be finalized. (We have a list of people involved/invited at the front and signature page at the back. Our signature page only indicates attendance with no option to agree/disagree. Some schools do have that.) After I turn the Draft copy and signatures in to my SpEd Director, she will look it over, tidy up anywhere as needed, check for compliance and finalize it.

Her secretary makes the copies of the finalized report and mails one out to the parents. I get a paper copy for me and each GenEd or other teachers the student has. I will need to use my plan time to ensure each teacher has a copy of the IEP and collect their signatures on a Receipt of IEP page. I also then turn that into the SpEd Director's secretary too.

In my old District, the SpEd Director's secretary returned a single clean copy of the finalized report to me and I was responsible for making all the copies, mailing one to the parents and distributing them as above.

Don't be surprised if you are expected to lead the IEP meeting yourself from the outset. You might try to sit in on the meetings of your colleagues before your first one in your caseload. It will help you see the flow of the meetings and how things are worded. We move pretty quickly as we like to keep the meetings at about 45-60 minutes when possible.

As you complete multiple IEPs, it is tempting to make their goals the same or super similar to make it easier to make lesson plans. RESIST that urge as some SpEd online programs check for that and will penalize your district. It is no longer an Individualized Education Plan if the students have identical goals.

Get used to the idea that your students may have different assignments/lessons at the same time. I remember you posted about this in a separate thread here. You may need to have some review/independent work so that you can do a lesson with one/small group first and then approach another group separately. SpEd is not about being fair, it is about giving each student what they need.

Good luck.
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