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I can relate
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Wow I could have written this exact post! I have one that is self contained in my resource room we spend all day together. All. Day. Every. Single. Day. Mine also has an aide and this aide is a gift directly from God! I wouln't have made it this far into the year without the para.

Mine is a major behavior problem though and is a nightmare when not with the para. Also this child has lawsuit happy parents. Apparently I've done an amazing job with this student this year and my boss wants to keep the child with me next year!! I'm seriously looking at gen ed positions at other schools over this.

All that being said, you're not alone. I love this kid like you love yours but there are some things we are not equipped to handle. I left self contained for resource because I knew I was not a good match for such high needs. All I can say is best of luck to you!
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