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SDC to mainstream
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I am assuming SDC means special day class or a self-contained room. I am also assuming by mainstreamed you been regular ed with resource support.

Four of my six years have been in self-contained special ed classrooms and my short answer to your questions is one. One student.

I was the only self-contained teacher at my school and I also got younger students from the elementary.

The student wasn't/isn't cognitively impaired, he has an unspecified mood disorder. Apparently psychiatrists don't want to officially diagnose someone with a mood disorder until they are 18.

The student spent time in a psych ward, worked with a psychiatrist and his home life stabilized. He worked hard in my room, we gradually worked him into regular ed and he went to resource the next school year.

The resource teacher could not and would not handle him. He bounced back to me and was fine. Last I heard he had transitioned to day treatment. I had him in first through third grades.

I have had students leave my room because parents did not want their child in "that class." I guess they would technically be a yes answer to your question, but they were in no way successful or had worked their way out of my class.

The parents were more concerned about how it looked.

One of those students had the lowest IQ and academic ability I have ever worked with. But he spoke clearly and was oh so cute.

I left that school after that year.

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