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SDC is not a thing here. We do have a program that is supposed to be "moderate needs." My job is listed as "mild-moderate." Years ago, those students received more pull out services than students in my program. They have some teachers there who have pushed for a co-teaching model instead.

Just recently, we were at a district job alike meeting where one of the moderate needs sped teachers was complaining that he his former students were placed into self-contained in middle school. Middle school team mentioned the students have low IQs and were very unsuccessful when they tried to place them in "inclusion classes." The mod needs teacher was bragging about he had kids who were 5 years behind fully included.

I'm sorry, but that is not something to brag about. What kind of educational experience is a child who is 5 years behind but sitting in gen ed all day getting? This whole "full inclusion" movement has vilified sped settings and put gen ed settings up on a pedestal. I feel that we do students a massive disservice in the name of doing something simply because it sounds nice to other adults.

None of my resource students are fully included. I STRONGLY believe in specialized pull out instruction. I truly believe it's the most important and effective part of my students' day. The vast majority of my students enjoy pull outs. When there is an issue, 99% of the time it's because the gen ed teacher and/or parent is creating or feeding into it- i.e. telling the child they're missing out on something in gen ed, acting sad about the child going to the pull out, etc.

As for the "moderate needs" program that is now a full on "co-teaching" program, I no longer refer my students there if I can get them to make even a tiny amount of progress. The services we're providing are simply better in every way. The only reason I even consider it is for legal reasons- if the child is truly making NO progress for a long period of time, it could come back on me that I didn't refer to the supposedly "more intensive" program.
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