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It is tough
Old 04-11-2019, 09:18 AM
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Some days I feel my patience is the feature keeping me employed. . I have several who test me all day long. I can usually keep my cool with them.

Do you have a para available at any point? My most active student has his 1:1 para and I have a classroom para to help with the others. They make the difference.

And too~Some days I feel like I need to pick and choose. I can give you academic lessons or you can have behavioral/emotional/social lessons but not both... Luckily my SpEd Director understands that there are days like this.

First, make sure that you build and maintain relationships with your students. My students understand and can appreciate that reprimanding them does NOT mean I care less, or feel less, or any other thing towards them. I outright tell them that I want to train them to be their best selves. (Separate the child from the behavior...)

Then, remember the good parts of the little humans you serve. Think of something good (or reframe the least annoying stuff. ) so that you can push through the roughest days.

Next, take care of yourself. Get enough rest, eat right, lessen other stress. Think of building patience like when we build stamina in any other area, be it exercise or reading time. I think most of us are more irritable and less patient when we are tired, sick or stressed.

Get a relaxing habit or hobby. Take a class? take a bath?? Knit, crochet or paint. Get outside, walk, fly a kite or whatever.

Finally, start each day with a fresh start-"a clean slate" is what I say to my students. It is much easier to face the first obstacle of the day when you are just thinking in the present [--as opposed to thinking that it's the 8,627th time he has done that this year... ]

Hang in there.
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