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Oh I'm right there with you. Do you think part of it is the time of year? For us, it's getting closer to the end, there are no more breaks/even 3 day weekends, and now we're in state testing. The routine is all messed up and that makes the students even worse.

I'm just counting down until summer break. My district posted a summer school position which I hemmed and hawed about and decided to apply for since I could always use the extra money. The grant person came to ask me about an interview the other day and I asked her to tell me more about what the job would look like. It would be K-3 all together and I would only be teaching math- one math teacher and one reading teacher would split 50 kids. I ended up telling her "no thanks" and I was pretty proud of myself! I will be using this summer to rest and rejuvenate!

Some other things that typically help me:

-Thinking about kids that are being really successful this year/thinking about kids I've really helped
-Reminding myself that many of these absurd standards we live and die by do not matter in the real world. There are plenty of successful adults who do not read 200 wpm. There are plenty of successful adults, even very intelligent ones, who could not pass the PARCC assessment. There are plenty of successful adults who use their phone calculator rather than using mental math strategies. Many people with ADHD are highly successful in the business world.
-Focusing on small successes
-Planning something enjoyable for my students to do- even if it's just a more creative way to practice basic skills. At the very end of the year, sometimes I'll do Science experiments. None of the other interventions are still happening and no one really cares what we do the last week or so, and I never get to do that kind of stuff with my kids.

And when all else fails, picture yourself laying by the pool this summer!
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